A One-of-a-Kind Artist

A self-producing artist:  entertainer, designer, collaborator.  

Sarah Al-Kassab has been an actor, a model, and a fashion and costume designer for over 20 years. Her favourite type of work is devised, so let us collaborate!


***In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, Stylisms is concentrating on hand-made face masks (and mask covers) AND Online Zoom Character visits.***


Download Sarah's Production Resume
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Sarah Stylisms


"The New Eccentrics blew me away ... making my eyes water with laughter and amazement."

NBC Bay Area


“Nothing short of extraordinary."

NY Theater


“Truly innovative and engaging.”

SF Weekly


“The most creative storytelling displays in town.”

Funcheap SF


“Such is the art of these two that centuries and worries melt away,

leaving only the happiness of the moment.”

Trav S.D., author of No Applause, Just Throw Money


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