Hand-made Face Masks with Filter Pocket and N95 Mask Covers

100% Cotton Masks

(with Filter Pocket)

Rainbow Skates in Youth Size
Rainbow Skates in Youth Size

Pocket masks can be worn alone or with a filter(not included).  Masks consist of 2 full layers of 100% Cotton, plus a 3rd layer/pocket(also 100% cotton) for an optional filter.

These have a snugger fit and are intended to be worn alone or with a filter in the included pocket.  

Sizes Offered: 


Youth (ages 8-12) I can also wear this size

Child (ages 4-7)

Filter Pocket Masks are $20 each **Filters are Not Included** Filters are offered in a bundle at 3 for $5

100% Cotton N95 Mask Covers

(no filter pocket)

These masks are made of 2 layers of 100% Cotton and are generous enough to be worn Over an N95 mask.  They do Not include a filter pocket.  Mask Covers are made with woven(non-stretchy) ties for prolonged use.  100% cotton Mask covers are $25 each



  • No center seam, so no particles can sneak in!
  • Darts for superior fit at the nose And chin without the mask pressing into your lips
  • 2 layers of 100% Quilters Cotton, plus a 3rd layer of very light fabric as a filter pocket for a removable filter 
  • Nosewire sleeve for sealing the mask and preventing the fogging of glasses  
  • Soft, around the head elastic that can be tied and untied depending on different head shapes(hairstyles, hats, hoods, wigs etc).  Instead of uncomfortable ear elastic 
  •  All masks are 100% machine wash and dryable and come with maintenance instructions
  • Filters are available for purchase while supplies last

*******100% Cotton Fabric Options  *******


Please click the "Email Sarah" link at the bottom of the page to Order Masks.

PLEASE ADVISE which of the Above 2 styles you would like, in your email.

Pocket Mask or N95 Mask Cover

and how many of each style and your Size (Adult, Youth or Kid) and Fabric Choices.  All Masks are Made to Order. Please include your Address.

If choosing the 100% Cotton Mask with Filter Pocket, please advise if you would like to purchase Filters (not included)  Filters are 5 layer PM 2.5 capable of capturing microns as small as .25 microns.

Filters are $5 for 3, while supplies last

Masks from the Past!

Size Reference.  No Elastic ties are pictured to show the masks flat except as shown in the  masks on the fold.  These pictures are for reference only and have already been shipped out.